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My thoughts on Gilbert Arenas

January 19, 2010


5 Responses to “My thoughts on Gilbert Arenas”

  1. eLmO TsAnG says:

    One thing I totally don’t understand is that AS RICH AS Gilbert is, WHY THERE’S NO ONE telling him the aftermath of all of this beforehand!!!! As CRAZY as it sounds, he should fire all his agents, just like his nickname “AGENT 0”.

    But I like him and his never-say-die attitude, that’s why i still wish him the best!

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  3. shana says:

    What is going on with our professional athletes? It seems that some do not take their careers seriously and feel that they can do what they want or continue to live their past lives. What’s the point in advancing to just be taken BACK due to your own foolish actions…it’s self distruction!!!!!!

  4. Jacqueline says:

    It amazes me how professional individuals are so careless about being a professional. I am in the business arena and if I were to take a weapon (registered or not) into the workplace, on their property, or to any of my client’s property, common sense tells me this is WRONG. When hired for any professional job, most have contracts or signed agreements with the company’s rules and regulations, so there is no excuse. His behavior leads me to believe that psychologically, something is wrong. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a professional athlete, it has everything to do with being a mature adult. AND obivously, that will be his downfall. I would be fired from my job, so he should be released and contract voided….. THIS is the craziest thing I have every heard…

  5. Lakers2009 says:

    Gibert Arenas is just plain stupid.

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