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2004: ESPN.com – Fill In The Blanks: Jalen Rose

June 23, 2008

December 28, 2004 — Special to Page 3… Jalen Rose has no fear. The
Raptors swingman isn’t afraid to boast about his sense of style nor
would he be inclined to pitch around Barry Bonds at the plate. And he’s
even brave enough to call out his boy Vince Carter as he fills in the
blanks with Page 3.

The best dressed guy on the team is _______:
You’ll have to ask one of my teammates that one … ahem (coughs, referring to himself).

Funniest guy on the team is _______:
Loren Woods. He just cranks on people and it’s funny.

Cheapest guy on the team is _______:
I don’t know if I should tell you because this is big. OK, I will. It’s
the big guy, Vince Carter (now with the Nets). Just ask him (points to
a locker room attendant who nods).

If I wasn’t in the NBA, I’d be a _______:
Broadcaster. That’s something I want to do some day. I already do a
show on TSN in Canada and a lot of things like that. I was a
communication major in college (Michigan).

Most important position in sports is _______:
Athletes. Because if there weren’t any athletes, there wouldn’t be any sports.

The _______ have the best uniform:
Detroit Tigers. I like the pinstripes they had going, but then the
Yankees took over that look. People need to remember that the Tigers
have a lot of history too and they’re on their way back.

The movie I can watch over and over is _______:

Most impressive record in sports is _______:
Anything to do with Barry Bonds. To have the most home runs and walks
is impressive. I wish I could be the one calling the signals when Bonds
is at the plate. What’s up with walking him four times a game?