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threetier-logoThree Tier Entertainment (TTE) is an independent, LA based management and production company dedicated to discovering original voices, while nurturing the highest quality of craftsmanship. Created in 2007, TTE is committed to developing and creating smart and provocative commercial projects for film, television and the web. Within TTE, we manage talent including actors, writers and directors.


Jalen Rose, CEO
Adel Nur, President


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TV – THE FAB FIVE (2011)

An ESPN Films documentary produced by Jalen Rose and Adel Nur of Three Tier Entertainment and directed by Jason Hehir… The Fab Five is a two-hour film about one of the most famous – and infamous – teams in college basketball history. Arriving on the campus of the University of Michigan in the fall of 1991, the five freshmen – Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson – not only electrified the game, but also brought new style to the masses with their baggy shorts, black socks and brash talk. Now, in their own words, the Fab Five relive those days: the recruitment process that got them to Ann Arbor, the cultural impact they made, the two runs to the NCAA title game, the Webber “timeout” that cost them the 1993 championship and the scandal that eventually tarnished their accomplishments. Forget what you remember about the Fab 5 – this film shows them in an entirely new light. The Fab Five earned a 2.1 rating to become ESPNʼs highest rated documentary, according to the Nielsen Company.



Mix a meddling mother who desperately wants her daughter to get hitched, along with a father that can’t get over the fact that his little girl is growing up, a young woman who’s just had her world turned upside down with the unexpected news that she is pregnant by someone other than her boyfriend and a totally clueless boyfriend who tries to run for the hills when he hears the news of the pregnancy and you have the ingredients for “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told”.

As much as “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told” reveals the unruly side of relationships, exposes the humorous side of getting hitched and uncovers the drama that goes down when the totally unexpected happens, it also attests to the undeniable power of love and its ability to pull families together in the end despite disasters and their differences. Whether you’re talking about Whitney & Bobby, Antony & Cleopatra, Luke & Laura or even Romeo & Juliet love and everything that comes with it, is that universal subject everyone can relate to regardless of race, religion and economic background.


Mary/Dureen: Tatyana Ali
Joseph/Marcus: David Ramsey
Anne: Anna Maria Horsford
Preacher: Richard Roundtree
Angel Gabriel: Guy Torry
Miriam the Matchmaker/Raffles: Miguel A. Nunez, JR
Joachim: Clifton Davis
Rufus: Arif S. Kinchen
Featured Vocalist: Ali Woodson
Executive Producer: Ed. Weinberger