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June 23, 2008

PlayerMag_1_web.JPGMay 2005 — Jalen Rose: The Toronto Raptor talks fashion, fine dining,
and his fondness for Walt Frazier’s style… When it comes to athletes
and attire, would a Rose by any other name than Jalen still dress as
sweet? Seems unlikely. Certainly Pete Rose’s wardrobe won’t be praised
anytime soon.

Jalen Rose, on the other hand, is one stylin’ cat. The Toronto Raptor
forward, an 11-year NBA veteran, has learned plenty during his career,
especially when it comes to fashion – something he was aware of from an
early age.

"Growing up in Detroit, women always dressed nice and the guys did,
too," Rose recalls. "Whether we were going to a party with some
brothers or whatever, we made sure [girls] would notice us."

"I always had a nice suit for banquets and events. There are some guys
whose first real suit is for the NBA Draft. But where I’m from, you
can’t get away with that."

Early in his career, Rose admired, but didn’t copy, the looks worn by
Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Michael Irvin. Even Deion Sanders’
flashy duds made an impression. Says Rose, "He’d wear things that I
wouldn’t wear, but the dude did have style."

The all-time king of cool, though For Rose, that was the flamboyant,
fedora-wearin’, Rolls-drivin’, mink-coat lovin’, Walt "Clyde" Frazier,
the Knicks’ Hall-of-Fame guard whose pimped-up wardrobe was all-world.

"He was the best, man," Rose says. "He just had it, you know, The shoes, the belts, the hats."

These days, Rose, like many NBAers, turns to P. Diddy for cues. "How
can you not take tips from him?? Rose asks. "He’s one of the best
designers and dressers around. Just look at Sean John."

Younger teammates sometimes turn to Rose for advice, and he’ll offer
his opinion, "but ultimately you’re on your own," he says. "There are
some guys who probably need a makeover, and we’re always kidding each
other, because with teammates we’re like young kids in school –
brutally honest. But in the end, it’s your style, your flavor. You’re a
grown man. Wear whatever makes you happy."

Through try-on and error, Rose has put in the hours in front of
full-length mirrors and is pleased wit his appearance. "You eventually
learn about sizes that fits, your look, your style, all of that," he
says, then adds with a laugh, "And that comes with time and wasting a
lot of money."

Rose’s Top 5

Barneys New York: "It’s where you find the flavor. And you can buy stylish clothes as well as regular gear."

CREED (New York): "Same as Barney’s. They have it all. This is where I get some of my tailor-made suits."

Somerset Mall (Troy Michigan): "One of the best malls in the country.
It’s huge. They have the high-end stores, the Gucci and the Louis
(Vuitton), plus the Foot Lockers and everything else."

Holt Renfrew (Toronto): "This is where I get great furs, cologne, and cuff links."

Ralph Lauren Custom Suits: "If you’re going to pay top dollar, you’re
better off getting them custom made. I can’t buy off the rack because
they?re not going to fit."


Ralph Lauren Purple Label: "It’s not just the suits, which I love, but
I also like the cologne. I’m always trying to smell better."

JACOB & Co: "Jacob (the Jeweler) and Chris (Aire) are my guys. I’m into chains, watches, earrings, and cuff links."

Salvatore Ferragamo: "Those are my shoes. I wear a size 15 and I get those custom made."

John Laig: "He’s a Scottish designer who makes great cashmere V-neck and mock sweaters."

5001 Flavors: "It’s a spin on Baskin-Robbins. They can do anything:
custom jackets, button-down shirts, you name it. Anybody who’s anybody
has ordered something from them."


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouses: "They’re versatile and serve great steaks. I
might have a porterhouse or a New York strip, medium well. But 90
percent of the time I’m doing the surf and turf. I love lobster."

N9NE (Las Vegas/Chicago): "They serve a lobster tail that’s as long as
your forearm and it’s so good. They’re classy, stylish restaurants."

Mr. Chow’s (Beverly Hills/New York/Miami): "The food is wow! Who
doesn’t like Mr. Chow’s? The last time I was in L.A., Jessica (Simpson)
and Nick (Lachey) were there. You always spot somebody famous."

Sweet Water Tavern (Detroit): "It’s a hometown hangout where I go to watch a game and have chicken wings and fried shrimp."

Joe’s Crab (South Beach Miami): "They have amazing king crab legs. They make good Mojitos, too. That’s my [drink]."