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June 24, 2008

espn_march06_web.JPGApril 2006 — If you know anything about Detroit, you know the people
are into style. Whether you go to a party, an event, a school dance,
you have to be fresh. I remember draft night: I shook David Stern’s
hand while rocking a red suit with white pinstripes and red gators. It
was straight-up Detroit. I’ve always been a trendsetter – as a kid,
when I wore the sweatshirts and the patent leather Adidas, and in
college, with the black shoes and baggy shorts. Right now, I can still
do jeans, Timberlands, thermals and baseball caps. But being over 30,
I’ve matured to where I know about materials and fabrics. I mostly wear
custom suits, shirts and ties, with a nice watch and cufflinks. I’m
versatile. The great thing is that I’ve been able to afford the better
things in life, like diamond stud earrings. That?s a long way from
college, when I was wearing cubic zirconias.