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2007, Forbes.com – In Pictures: Travel Trips From Frequent A-List Fliers

June 24, 2008

November 2007 — Jalen Rose: ESPN sports analyst and former NBA player

Travel: Rose travels at least three times a week. Hometown Detroit,
Atlanta (where his daughter lives), Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas
and Miami are frequent destinations.

Packing: In order to pack appropriate clothing, Rose has a few guiding
principles: check the local weather; understand whether your trip is
business, pleasure or both ("be realistic with yourself"); and
understand your local city’s dress style: "You can’t come to New York
with a white suit," he says. "You can get away with that in Las Vegas."

Essentials: Rose brings his Slingbox, a small and easy-to-pack
streaming device that allows him to project his home cable channels
onto a hotel wall.