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2007, January 8: ESPN.com Daily Dime – Rose: Who’s In Your Top Five

June 24, 2008

January 8, 2008 – Plenty Of Great Guard Candidates For West All-Star Roster…

1. Kobe Bryant — He trusted his teammates and it’s paid off. Patience
and development are working for the game’s best player at both ends of
the floor.

2. Steve Nash — Two-time MVP can make us take for granted 18 points
and 12 assists per night. I’ve always appreciated his efficiency and

3. Allen Iverson — Is he getting older or better? Both. Still in the
top five in scoring, AI has had a rebirth in Denver when it was feared
his career might be on the down swing.

4. Tony Parker — That’s right, to the winner goes the spoils. He
directs the Spurs’ attack, and without his speed and playmaking
ability, the face of that team changes dramatically. Great speed, with
the ability to break down a defense and finish.

5. Chris Paul — This is a heartbreak pick. I want to reward Brandon
Roy because of the season Portland is having. I think Deron Williams is
better than Paul, but Paul is doing more with less. And since his
Hornets host the All-Star Game, what better guy to usher in his NBA
colleagues and the fans to the Big Easy?

Paul’s the call.

— Jalen Rose