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2008-09: ESPN.com’s NBA Award Picks – Rose’s ballot

April 15, 2009

 April 15, 2009 — We asked NBA writers from ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine, as well as NBA analysts from ESPN, to provide their choices for NBA Most Valuable Player, ranked from 1 to 5. Here is Jalen Rose's ballot:
1. LeBron James – His team has been getting it done from buzzer to buzzer and has lost only once at home all season. LeBron has given us Oscar Robertson-type numbers this season with more than 28 points, seven rebounds and seven assists a game.
2. Dwyane Wade – Wade's individual performances have given us some of the most breathtaking plays of the season. He has been off the hook this season. Taking a 15-win team one year to a 5-seed the next? Impressive.
3. Kobe Bryant – He's on a championship-caliber team and hasn't been asked to do as much this season because of the Lakers' strong supporting cast. He doesn't have to go out and play 44 minutes and score 35 points for them to win. He can pick his spots.
4. Dwight Howard – He leads the league in rebounds and blocks and has been the anchor to the Magic's success all season. Even when Jameer Nelson went down, they kept going. He changes the center position with the way he is playing.
5. Chris Paul – He's been so consistent on an overlooked Hornets team. He has been keeping them steady when other guys have been in and out of the lineup all season.

Rookie of the Year: Derrick Rose*
Most Improved: Thaddeus Young
Sixth Man: Jason Terry*
Coach of the Year: Nate McMillan
Defensive Player of the Year: Dwight Howard*