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2008, February 16: ESPN.com Daily Dime – Slam-Dunk Contest: Moon Walking

June 24, 2008

February 16, 2008 — I appreciate the dunk contest at the All-Star Game
from the perspective of a longtime fan, from back when many of the
game’s top players participated.

The drama of MJ vs. Dominique. JR Rider’s great jams. Vince Carter.

Now, the contest is often just the top dunkers, and this year brings one of the most interesting crops I can remember.

Also, one of the great new features in this year’s contest is fan
voting in the final round. Normally, the winner is determined just
based on the judges’ votes, but ultimately the fans should have a say.
Now they will. Here’s the complete rules.

Here’s how I rank the dunkers:

1. Jamario Moon, Raptors forward — The 27-year-old rookie has played
everywhere, including a stint with the Harlem Globetrotters. Having
experience with traveling showmen like the Globetrotters makes him my
pick to win. I would assume he knows some tricks we may not have seen
(beside the confetti bucket).

2. Gerald Green, Timberwolves guard — I expect the defending champ to have something up his sleeve.

3. Rudy Gay, Grizzlies forward — Silky smooth and having a tremendous
year. He’s a dunker who has style and skill. He should also have plenty
of options because he asked for dunks on YouTube.

4. Dwight Howard, Magic center — The superstar of the bunch. At 6-11,
he’s going to show power and agility. I think it’s harder for the
tallest guy to win, and it’s harder to get fans excited and
appreciating what he does, like last year when touched the top of the
backboard with the sticker.

As a big man, he needs an advantage, which explains his request for the
12-foot hoop. Request denied. Seems like everybody should have the same
playing field.

By Jalen Rose | ESPN.com