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2008, February 25: The Rose Report – Volume #6

June 24, 2008

Rose Rankings (Week of February 25th):

#1 – Detroit: The most balanced team in the NBA right now
#2 – LA Lakers: If Bynum and Ariza come back healthy… watch out
#3 – San Antonio: Manu has played like the second best shooting guard (Kobe) in the game
#4 – New Orleans: Adding Bonzi Wells and Mike James will be a big boost to the bench
#5 – Houston: Have Rode, Yao and TMac to win 21 of the last 24 games
#6 – Boston: Paul Pierce is still this team?s go-to-guy
#7 – Utah: Derron Williams is the most complete point guard is the league
#8 – Cleveland: Adding Wallace, West, Smith and Szerbiak makes this team a legit threat
#9 – Dallas: Jason Kidd?s toughness and leadership will be a confidence builder down the stretch
#10 – Phoenix: The Shaq experiment is still a work in progress
#11 – Orlando: Did you see Dwight Howard in the dunk contest?
#12 – Toronto: Calderon has been the most underrated point guard in the game this season
#13 – Golden State: Stephen Jackson needs to be on his game to be a consistent threat
#14 – Denver: Surprised they didn?t make any trades before the deadline
#15 – Sacramento: Have the ability to play spoiler in the playoff race (3-1 since Bibby trade)