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2008, March 30: ROSE REPORT – Volume #10

June 24, 2008

#1 Boston: Paul Pierce is having his best all around season. 
#2 Detroit: 7 straight 50 win seasons. 
#3 New Orleans: Paul has become a household name.
#4 San Antonio: They do it with consistent defense and rebounding. 
#5 LA Lakers: May get Bynum back before the end of the regular season. 
#6 Phoenix: Offense has evolved with the addition of Shaq. 
#7 Houston: Alston has played with confidence and discipline at the point. 
#8 Utah: Boozer is the second best power forward (Duncan) in the West.
#9 Orlando: Backcourt consistency will be key.
#10 Denver: Great to see Nene' return.
#11 Golden State: Ellis is one of the best finishing guards in the game.
#12 Dallas: Look for lots of Kidd, Howard and Terry.
#13 Toronto: Needs a strong finish from Bosh.
#14 Washington: Health, health, health to core players will be everything.
#15 Philadelphia: Please re-sign Andre Iguodala.