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2008, Nov/Dec – HOOP Magazine: The Fab Five with Jalen Rose and Bobbito

December 8, 2008



Jumpball: The Fab Five
A longtime pop culture aficionado, Jalen Rose pits his personal tastes against some notable personalities. Up this month: Bobbito Garcia.

Jalen: “21. Everyone can participate. If the previous shot was not an airball, when you get the rebound you must take the ball back to the free-throw line. Each basket is worth two points and “free throws” (a shot from the top of the key) are one point. If you make three in a row, it’s “three and out.” Big bragging rights if you beat everyone.”

Bobbito: “Hot peas and Butter, Come and Get Your Supper.” Somebody hid the belt – I mean, I lived in a building with like over a thousand residents, so there’d be like 30 to 40 kids playing – and whoever found the belt has to try and run back to the base and then whip people before they got past you to the base. Yeah, it was a pretty sadistic game. Pretty fun.”

Jalen: “Salisbury steak – a public-school classic – with gravy and mashed potatoes. These were definitely the days that you had to use the money on your school lunch card.”

Bobbito: “I’ve been eating Sal and Carmine’s pizza for 35 years… I went to Holy Name Parochial School and we used to leave during the day, and the slices used to be a quarter back then, and I would never have any money but I would always bum a bite, or by boy Craig would never eat the crust and he would always give me the crust. That was the highlight of the day, to eat Sal and Carmine’s crust.”

 Jalen: “Playing against our high school’s rival Cooley High [Ed note: Jalen attended Detroit Southwestern], I went up for a dunk and got clotheslined, fell on my head, got knocked unconscious, went into convulsions and got carried off the floor on a stretcher.”

Bobbito: “In seventh grade I was part of a holiday theater production, The Nutcracker,  and I had to wear a hat, and when I ran out on the stage the hat fell off.  But I didn’t know my hat had fallen off, so it was like first to eighth grade, like 800 students laughing. And I think they’re laughing because I did something funny, but they are laughing at me, not with me.”

Jalen: “I can’t exactly remember whom, what or when, but I do know where – the drive-in movie theater was my spot, enough said… lolol.”

Bobbito: “When I was at Brooklyn Tech, I met this girl in my class and she was the first girl I ever tried to kick it to that didn’t live in my neighborhood. She lived on Roosevelt Island, so I had take the tram. Her ex-boyfriend turned out to be her next-door neighbor and then, like, him and six dudes wanted to beat me up. It was hectic. It wasn’t pretty man.” [laughs]

Jalen: “Wait until a schoolmate is in full motion and set to take a seat and then pull their chair from underneath them. These falls are hilarious and they hurt!”

Bobbito: “In school I was a really good student, a good kid, but when I was 11, 12, 13, I think that’s probably when I was my most devious. We used to throw eggs, spit – I lived on the 13th floor of my building, so anyone that crossed our backyard was fair game – we use to throw ice at people, we used to throw M80’s. Thankfully, I grew out of it really quickly. It’s my youth, I’m not proud of it, but that’s what kids do.”