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2009, May 17 — ESPN.com – NBA’s 65 in 65: Jalen Rose

May 17, 2009

ahmed (vienna, austria): hey jalen, loved u on mike & mike. I know he is the zen master, but isn't phil sounding too casual in his comments?

 Jalen Rose: How he sounds at the press conference and how he sounds preparing his team in the locker room are two different things. If he doesn't sounds confident, his team. I think he's playing possum a bit. He knows anything can happen in a Game 7.

Taylor Camp Lejeune NC: Hey Jalen, Is Ray Allen going to step up his game today.

 Jalen Rose: Yes, indeed. Look for a big game from Jesus Shuttlesworth.

devante houston tx [via mobile]: If the rockets win are they a real championship contender

 Jalen Rose: No, not the season. That's where no T-Mac, no Yao Ming catches up to them.

jamaal Canton,ohio [via mobile]: if the lakers are going to win a title this year what does kobe & phil have to do? or does bynum have to come up huge?

 Jalen Rose: I think Bynum is going to have to find a way to be as effective as he was earlier in the season. It's all about advancing. Whether you win in four or seven, it's all about getting to the next round of the playoffs.

Hamza (Portland,OR): Assuming the Rockets lose today, what position do you think that leaves Ron Artest in in terms of free-agency?

 Jalen Rose: I think he's had his most success playing under Rick Adelman. I think it's in the best interest for the Rockets and Ron Artest to come to a contract agreement.

Bryan, Riverside, CA [via mobile]: What, in your estimation, is causing the Lakers to have such a difficult time in the low post against this depleted Rockets team?

 Jalen Rose: Give Luis Scola credit. He's scoring at a prolific rate. He's pretty effective in the low block when you give him position.

 Jalen Rose: One thing I want to point out is, this is the NBA. Both teams get checks after the season. Although Yao went out, they play with pride as well.

kevin houston, tx: Do you think Aaron Brooks has a chance to be an all-star next year?

 Jalen Rose: If he keeps playing like he's been playing in this year's playing. He hasn't played a full season yet as the starter, so I would have to think so.

Andrew from Orange County: Which team would be more difficult for Denver, in regards to matchups, Houston or LA?

 Jalen Rose: It would have to be the Lakers, no question about it. They were the favorites, along with the Cavs, and both of those teams are still standing.

andy (detroit): what up J Rose. Miss you back home, I was a student at UM during the Fab 5 era and it was some of the best times of my life. Used to see you dudes on campus all the time. So, what do you think our Pistons need to do to turn it around?

 Jalen Rose: I think Joe Dumars is one of the best at what he does in the NBA. I think he's going to find a way to reshape the roster. That team has had its run, but they have the money and the management to spend it wisely when Rasheed Wallace and A.I. come off the cap.

Memo Elizabeth, NJ [via mobile]: Hey Jalen, do you think this would have been a different serious if T-Mac and Yao Ming was both playing this series against the Lakers.

 Jalen Rose: The way it has played it out right now, I would be picking the Rockets as opposed to the Lakers. Being a former player, you understand destiny. During the season, people pile on T-Mac and say they can win without it. But without Yao they win a few games. Are people saying the same thing?

marcus cherry hill,nj [via mobile]: Who give cleveland a better matchupmatchup?

 Jalen Rose: This season, it would be the Magic because of Howard inside. Boston is without Kevin Garnett and Leon Powe, so their frontcourt is depleted.

Kris Ocala Florida [via mobile]: Jalen..do u think that Dwight Howards game six performance will propel the magic to a game seven win?

 Jalen Rose: As a young player and in the first time in this situation, there's always positives to be gained from a monster game. I think he's going to have a big game, if not bigger than the one in the previous game.

Bobby(boca raton, fl) [via mobile]: how will the rockets slow down Kobe in game 7.

 Jalen Rose: There are a couple of people you want on your team in this situation. If it's not Wade and LeBron, it's Kobe. I think he'll put the Lakers in the driver's seat in this game, as long as he stays aggressive like I believe that he will.

Matt (lawrence, kansas [via mobile]: Let's say the Lakers win today, what do the nuggets have to do to beat them?

 Jalen Rose: The nuggets would have to take a page from the Celtics' in last year's NBA Finals. Play tough and physical, get all the loose balls and put the Lakers in a position to retreat.

DeShane Colorado Springs, Co [via mobile]: what do u think about a bron melo finals matchup takin it back to the high school rivalry?

 Jalen Rose: Great for the NBA. I think right now, the NBA is in great shape. The matchups, the teams and the star power in the playoffs. All the stars have been stars, such as Billups helping lift the Nuggets and LeBron bringing the Cavs to the conference finals. These are all great for the league and its fans, so any of these matchups will be compelling.

Corey Atlanta ga [via mobile]: Hey J. Rose have u ever felt this lack of urgency on any team u have been on like the lakers

 Jalen Rose: That's where I'm disagreeing with a lot of people. I think the Rockets are just challenging them on their home court.

The Lakers are a talented bunch, and probably the most talented in the NBA. But that doesn't win titles. People thought Bynum would be that last piece. But winning ugly is still winning. It's all about advancing.

Josh : If the C's win tonight would you give Rajon Rondo(if the playoffs ended today) the award for playoff MVP because he almost averages a triple-double in these past 13 games?

 Jalen Rose: My playoff MVP is Chanucey Billups. He's been the steady hand that's turned a Nuggets team.

But I think Rajon Rondo has been the second best point guard in the playoffs. He's really improved his game and put the Celtics in the position they are in now.

 Jalen Rose: Here's a couple of tips on today's game before I take off:

For the Lakers, they're 7-0 when they score over 100, 0-4 when they don't. When they're efficient on offense, they are at their best. Like the Celtics with their defense, they need to get to the basket and really get their offense clicking to succeed.

For the Rockets, Ron Artest is shooting a low percentage the last few games. So they need him, as well as Luis Scola and Aaron Brooks, to play well.

In the East, the Magic are 6-0 when they allow teams to score 90 points or fewer. They have a dominate center who can anchor down low and control the paint. When teams score over 90, the Magiic have difficulty winning. They'll also need Hedo Turkoglu, who scored just seven points last game, and their perimeter shooters to come up big.

For the Celtics, the key is Ray Allen. One of the best 3-point shooters ever is 0-for-17 from 3 in this series. They'll need him to get going to win today.

Rick Adelman is the playoff coach of seeason. Mike Brown is the the coach of the season, but Adelman is the coach of the playoff.