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Mashable.com – Jalen Rose’s Fab 5: Social Media Athletes I’m Thankful For

November 27, 2009

jalen_rose_fab_fiveNovember 26, 2009 — By Jalen Rose

This post is part of Mashable’s Fab Five series with Jalen Rose, which highlights trends in the social media space. Jalen Rose is a former 13-year NBA star and current ESPN basketball analyst but may be best known for being a member of the famous University of Michigan Fab Five.

In a world consumed by technology, it’s hard not to get caught up in the hype. I am a huge fan of social media and I am active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Ustream. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve come up with a short list of athletes that I’m thankful to be following and watching on social media. I don’t think any of these super athletes should plan on quitting their day job, but social media has become a productive hobby for each of them.

1. Shaq on Twitter
No matter the media platform, The Big Aristotle is funny and crazy, while still being himself. Shaq may not be having a career season for the Cleveland Cavaliers but he’s killing the social media game on Twitter. He has been on Twitter since 2008 and has continued to find new ways to interact with fans. He’s given tickets away to followers, he’s asked his followers to decide his new nickname, and he’s not afraid to throw a “yo mama” joke your way. Shaq has the most followers of any athlete on Twitter and he lets his entertaining personality shine through. The people have definitely responded.

2. Chris Cooley on Yardbarker
NFL tight end Chris Cooley has been active on social media for a while, mainly through blogging. A lot of people consider him to be one of the best athletes active on the Internet, and I would have to agree. It’s great that Chris still has a good sense of humor even though the Redskins are struggling this season, and he broke his ankle a month ago. Yardbarker is home to many athletes’ blogs, and some are more involved than others. Chris blogs consistently to give his fans an insight into his world — I just hope he has his clothes on while be blogs and studies his playbook.

3. Chad Ochocinco on Ustream.TV
Ocho has been talking his mouth off for years on and off the field, and just when we needed more the NFL wide receiver created a Ustream channel that we all love! Not only are the Bengals having a tremendous season so far, but his live videos are tremendous as well. Regardless of his last name, we know there’s only one Chad with great catch phrases and the personality perfect for live video.

4. Nick Swisher on Twitter
There aren’t a lot of MLB players on Twitter yet, but New York Yankees right fielder Nick Swisher is already in the game and doing a great job. He may not be the superstar amongst the World Series champion Yankees, but he is an all-star on social media. Swisher is a guy who isn’t afraid to show his excitement and his character. In fact, he tweeted from the locker room after the final World Series game a couple weeks ago, to let everybody know how he was feeling. What a cool insight into a moment only one team in each league gets to experience each year!

5. Misty May-Treanor on Facebook
Misty is probably best known for her beach volleyball gold medals with teammate Kerri Walsh in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics. However, she may soon be known for her social media prowess. Treanor has over 500,000 fans on Facebook, but more importantly, she consistently interacts with her fans by uploading photos and quick messages. This summer, Treanor and Walsh took on Shaq in his ABC show, “Shaq Vs,” and she posted photos to her wall. And the king of Twitter is a good guy to have on your side, if you’re trying to make it with social media!

What athletes on social media are you thankful to be able to follow?