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January Fan of the Month

February 1, 2010

JonathanJ_Jan2010Congratulations to my January Fan of the Month – Jonathan J. from Ontario, Canada (Age 16)! 

“Hey Jalen! I’m from Canada, and Raptors are my #1 team. I’ve been a big fan of your game ever since I started watching you play. As a 6’8 forward with point guard/play-maker skills; that’s pretty great. When I found out that you got traded to Toronto I was ecstatic, so happy. You immediately became my favourite player in the entire NBA as well as my role model. I immediately bought your Raptors jersey and wore it all the time. During every game I watched, I would always have the jersey on, and I’d cheer my loudest when you got the ball and scored! When was a kid, I found out you had a website and a fan club. I signed up right away for the fan pack & pretty much checked the mail everyday for the fan pack to come in, and I was so happy when it did arrive. It was a major disappointment to see you leave Toronto, but I still followed you play in New York/Phoenix. I would watch your games whenever they showed on T.V. Now seeing you as an ESPN analyst, I always try to catch you on T.V, if not, I always watch your YouTube videos & still enjoy to see some of your NBA highlights! I’m also a fan of him on Facebook. I think I deserve to be Jalen’s number 1 fan, because I truly think that I am, my friends think so as well! You’re my favourite player not only because of your basketball skills, but also because off your off-court personality. You seem like a very down to earth person which I admire about you. So make me the fan of the month Jalen! You’re my number one player ever to hit the NBA court, and you’ll always be! From Jonathan J.”

Are you my biggest fan? Well, here is your chance to prove it… every month I will be selecting “Jalen’s Fan of the Month.” You can show your love by emailing me a short message (200 words or less) as to why you believe you are my #1 fan – please also include a photo of yourself. All #1 fans selected will be featured on my website and receive an autographed picture from me for their support. Please include your name, address and age (if appropriate).

All entries should be submitted to number1fan@jalenrose.com by the end of each month. You may re-enter each month if you haven’t been previously selected. Pictures should be sent as a jpeg attachment.