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2007-08 Holiday Poetry Contest Winners

June 24, 2008

In the spirit of the holiday season, I hosted my 3rd Annual Holiday
Poetry Contest for amateur and inspiring poets. Everyone was eligible
by submitting an original holiday poem in any style. All participants
certified that the poem they submitted was their original work and that
all rights to their poem were theirs. A special thanks to all who
participated and congratulations to 2007-08 winners:

Christmas is Here

Christmas is here
Christmas is here
Everyone should know that Christmas is here.
Have a good cheer because Christmas is here.
Joy and presents are near. Someone call the doctor and tell him Christmas is here. Snow and love I hear.
I love when Christmas is here. Come on, have fun. Don’t sleep to othe crack of dawn.
Sleep all day, play all night. Come on guys Christmas is near. Help me, I think I’m going to die of cheer.
Fun in the air. Isn’t it good to know Christmas is near? Christmas is near. Do you smell the love in the air?
Be Encouraged In The Lord!!

By: Karon Sims – Age 11
Milwaukee, WI

A Special Birthday

Have fun celebrating this holiday season
And celebrating it for one very reason
To celebrate Jesus’ Birthday
Our Lord and Savior who died for us so that we can live everyday

Give thanks to the King of the most high
Thanking him for our very life’s
That we can live more and more each day
To celebrate his wonderfulness, glory, and unconditional love each and everyday

Cherish those moments with your family together
All the fun that you will keep inside forever
Remember how much your family means to you
Knowing if they weren’t there what could you do?

Now let’s remember to give thanks to our king
Because we all know we have a song to sing
As we rip those presents open "with so much love"
Let’s remember our real present in the heavens above


By: Carl McDowell – Age 18
West Haven, CT

Holiday Poem

She glairs out the window as the snow is falling
One flake, two flakes, three flakes in counting
Only wondering on tonight if Santa is coming

Being so young not knowing what’s going on
She hears her parents arguing in the room over
"who knows if we are even going to have a Christmas dinner"
Her mother said. "Tomorrow is another day, we’ll figure everything
Out then."

Before she falls asleep she prays to the Lord
Hoping that Santa brings her all the toys she’s wishing for.

She wakens the next morning to see what she had gotten
As she looks under the tree she thinks that Santa had forgotten
With a sad look on her face and tears in her eyes,
She tells her mother to her its no surprise.

She proceeds to ask her mother if Santa is real
And why he didn?t bring her any gifts for Christmas
As her mother was getting ready to tell her the truth
She hears a knock on her front door.

Her daughter runs and opens the door to see a big red
Bag just sitting on the front porch. From you to Santa
The tag had read, her face light up like the forth of July
Only to know that Santa was truly no lie.

No one was around other then the snow on the ground,
No foot prints, no tracks in the drive way not such a thing around
A blessing from God is what it was, made a little girl that almost lost her dream
And make her once again believe.

By: Chrissy Howard – Age 19
Clinton, MI

Season’s Greetings

Seasons greeting to one and all
This great time when our lord was born,
Angels dressed in white adorn,
Sing sweet praises on the happy morn
When this our savior has came to dwell,
Keeping us safe from the fear of hell,

Seasons love for this New Year
Hearts are filled with happy cheer
Wishes come from near and far
Guided by that bright star
Bringing hope to every home
Reminding each they are not alone

Season’s peace to our great world
Celebrate this time with young and old
Remember the time of his wonderful
Christ himself brought peace to earth.
Giving this gift to all of us
Life eternal is a promise to us

Seasons greetings to you my friends
Oh what wonderful time to spend,
With each and everyone of you
Hugs and kisses from Santa too
Since all of you have been good all year
Good old St Nick will be stopping by here.
The true meaning of this happy time
Is not red ribbons tied up gifts
Or how long is our Christmas list
But yet the deeper truth that Christ exist
He is the true meaning of our Christmas bliss.

By: Karlene Long – Age 25
Los Angeles, CA

Holiday Poem

The holidays are upon us
Lights are all aglow
Do you ever stop to wonder
What we have to show
For all of the running around
The money spent so free
Good tidings being shared
Carolers singing with glee
But have we all forgotten
About those across the world
Sitting in a mudhole
Not a single carol heard
Our soldiers fighting for freedom
Not asking for much in return
From all of those who fight for us
A lesson is surely learned
Holiday time is for family
Sharing love and life of all
So when you light that candle
or sing a joyous song
Prepare that Holiday dinner
or pray at church for long
Remember those so far away
sitting all alone
no carols sung or stockings hung
no wrapping presents afar
Stop a moment
and pray for them
For they are your shining star

By: Janice Truelove – Age 49
Feeding Hills, MA