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UDM to serve as university partner for Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

November 24, 2010

UDM recently announced that it will serve as university partner for the new Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, co-founded by Jalen Rose, a University of Michigan alumnus and former Fab Five basketball player, and Michael Carter ’72, ’78, an entrepreneur who holds a liberal arts degree and an M.B.A. from University of Detroit.

The Academy is one of four new public charter high schools in Detroit supported by Michigan Future, Inc. The school, which is scheduled to open in September 2011, will provide a supportive educational opportunity for Detroit students to help them meet the Michigan Future expectations that: 85 percent of the students will graduate; 85 percent of the graduates will enroll in college; and 85 percent of those students will graduate from college. The Academy will strive for 100 percent high school graduation, 95 percent college enrollment, and 90 percent college graduation.

The school will admit a new ninth grade class of students each of the following three years for a total enrollment of 500 students. Academy students will interact with UDM through campus visits, activities, guest lecturers and college mentoring. Beginning in the 11th grade, students will have the opportunity for dual enrollment at UDM, thus the intention is that many of the students will graduate from UDM, generating additional revenue.

The Academy’s planning team is currently selecting a Detroit location for the school. Until it is determined, the new school leader, Charles Muncatchy, will use temporary office space in Briggs Building Room 345 from November 2010 through April 2011. Muncatchy most recently served as superintendent of schools in Mt. Clemens and will assume his new role as the Academy’s Educational Entrepreneur, Nov. 1.