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DailyTailgate.com – 5 Quick Questions with Jalen Rose

November 20, 2009

DailyTailgateWhy You Should Care: He was one of the Fab Five, and now covers the hoopy de hoops for ESPN.

You were a player during the ’98 NBA lockout. Do you think players today are aware of the impact the economic downturn is going to have on the NBA over the next few years, including a new bargaining agreement in 2011?
JR: I think the players are very educated and understand what’s at stake on both sides. I just hope this does not get UGLY, where neither side wins.

What’s the best NBA city to visit?
JR: There is no way to have just one! My favorite NBA cities are Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Toronto.

What have you learned watching from the studio you wish you could have told Jalen Rose the player?
JR: Well, I was lucky and blessed that during my 13 year playing career (’94-’07), I simultaneously had a six year (’01-’07) media career. It was the best of both worlds!

If you were in LeBron’s shoes what would you do regarding staying in Cleveland or leaving?
JR: If I were LBJ, I would play my entire career with the Cavs and hope to bring a few titles to Cleveland.

Who is going to take the title this year?
JR: The Lakers are the best team in the league, but that’s why they play the games…stay tuned!

— Scotty Walker

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