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From ESPN: The NBA Age Limit

January 5, 2010

This was a piece done for ESPN The Magazine. Check out more of their videos here.

4 Responses to “From ESPN: The NBA Age Limit”

  1. JDavo says:

    Great insight and I agree. The players need something to fall back on. For every Kobe/’Bron/Melo/D Howard, there’s a Korleone Young or Leon Smith. They definitely weren’t ready and some structure and a stable learning environment would have done them some good. Well said, man.

  2. My thoughts are that a high schooler who is ready for the NBA (physically, and skill-wise) should be allowed to do so. Once in a blue moon there comes a Lebron James, and while there won’t be another Lebron James we will have other blue moon. When that blue moon comes, we will get another latest and greatest sensation. College should be left up to the discretion and preparedness of the player. Leaving school for a “job” should be no different for a Student/Athlete than it is for a regular Student. That person is 18 yrs of age or older and has the right to earn a living. The University that offers a kid a scholarship has benefited enough if the kid is an NBA-Level talent who is putting extra butts in your University’s arena (that’s the gamble & the payback).

  3. LaKita Gantz says:

    Well done Jalen…well done! The Rule does need to be revisited due to the opportunities that a talented player may miss on his path to playing in the NBA and the effect that the rule has on NCAA programs that lose NBA bound freshmen after one year.

  4. Ty says:

    very well said I like the two year option as well it has to be changed baseball hockey golf go pro and arent as bid as basketball

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