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How is Barack Obama doing so far?

November 24, 2009

5 Responses to “How is Barack Obama doing so far?”

  1. James Frinzi says:

    Jalen, he is doing a horrible job at best. I know you are a Michigan guy, but Cash for Clunkers was a waste of resources and did zero to create jobs. Although Bush started the bailout of AIG, (which I didn’t like) Obama didn’t do anything to stop it or further regulate banks. The commercial credit market is still frozen. On top of that the US Dollar is worthless right now, and 10% of our GDP is owed to China and that’s only growing. We are going to be very reliant on China and be forced to buy more Chinese goods if we want to keep selling debt notes to them.

    Obama is in front of things and on TV a lot, but I find it hard to imagine how he can do a worse job with the economy.

  2. James Frinzi says:

    Jalen, one thing Obama has been awesome at. Raising the price of the Gold Coin! Gold has been on fire since we have been plunging into debt and spending money that we really don’t have. I’m totally ok with Government spending on things that produce a return such as infrastructure. Why not build better rail service in America and improve the highways? Massive infrastructure projects do in fact create jobs and stimulus. The shallow spending and debt are doing more for the future of Gold than any possible event! As an investor in Gold Obama is great!

  3. Brent Likens says:

    Obama is making changes that take time! Instant sucess is impossible. We will not know for a long time if he is successful or not!


  4. Jonty says:

    President Obama Cares what is going on in the USA and other countries. He is doing a good job in office. He did pass a health care bill through the senate and he did got us out of Iraq. Give it time. He will do more things that Bush ever Did. Obama is doing good.
    No one is perfect. President Obama gets a A for me.
    God Bless Amercia

  5. mitch says:

    the only reason people say he isnt doing good is because they are narrow minded selfish republicans who only say that cause he is a dem. if mccain would have won he could have declared himself king and turned american into a dictatorship and most republicans would say he is doing a great job. obama has done a fine job so far. much better then bushes stupid ass did


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