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I’m retired, but could I still ball in the NBA?

December 3, 2009

4 Responses to “I’m retired, but could I still ball in the NBA?”

  1. ROKSTEYPOOD says:

    you could def play. I wonder if you would become a perimiter shooter mainly. but really I love your commentating style, you’re great @ what u do regardless so dont sweat it.
    BTW, chris webber was talking the other night about a comeback…. not. (I think it was kevin mchale that was teasing him. lol).

    Have a blessed day dude. 1

  2. Resurrect says:

    Watching you as long as I have I know you could not just lose all those skills when you retire. You are blessed because B-Ball is a job that one can still do EVERYDAY, even after retiring. Most jobs that people love don’t offer that luxury, and they become lost when their career is over…

  3. MissCruz says:

    Perhaps but the best judge of that would be you. I mean you’re still very acquainted with the game…and you’re still young enough with the moves and love for the game. I guess it just depends on, well, you.

  4. Brent Likens says:

    8 points at most. I give you double figures only if you play me. I give myself 16-18, so I definatly beat you one on one by 6 to 8 points.

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