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Is Shaq finished? I hope not.

December 17, 2009

4 Responses to “Is Shaq finished? I hope not.”

  1. I honestly think that Shaq is close to being done, due to the fact that he is getting slower as each season goes by. Maybe, he will continue to play out this season and end it on a great note . We shall see…

  2. Are you kidding me? I watch the Cavaliers, and I’m disappointed and disgusted at what’s transpiring and the path this team is traveling. I don’t know if you listen to local sportstalk (ESPN Cleveland)here, but there is an opening on the 3pm show in which James talks about the drive, the shot, the Jose Mesa debacle, yet he doesn’t mention the sweep, or rude dismissal of last season, being the number 1 seed and league MVP.

    Shaq appears older playing with James, think about it for a minute. The one thing the Cav’s have lacked, that’s hurt them moving forward is post scoring and presence. This Cav’s team is the deepest and most talented since James has been here, yet he isn’t maximizing what he has or allowing the pieces to fit.
    Shaq and Ilgauskas had 32 pts (14-18) 10 rebs, and 6 blocks 2 games ago, last night they combined for only 19 shot attempts in 34 minutes, that’s ridiculous, given the front courts they face. you have a beast in Shaq, you have a potential double digit scorer at the 4 in Hickson, who went 4-5 from the floor in 18 minutes, and would put far more pressure on any opposing team than James shooting 25 times a night.

    You’ve played the game at the highest level, what good would Webber have been if he only got 8 shots a night? if he got 10 shots one night and 4 the next. You don’t need James carrying this team, though I’m sure he loves the headlines, but truly uplift and elevate everyone else, let them shine. Parker was brought here to shoot, let him shoot. If you can’t have an impact on the game without taking damn near 30 shots every night, then I begin to question Brown as a coach, and I love coach Brown.

    There isn’t a player in the league that can prevent Shaq from going to the rim, when he is headed there, and I can’t see any opposing player getting to the rim against him if he doesn’t want you too. There a reason that no top tier free agent has come to Cleveland to play with James, it isn’t as appealing as the media trues to make it out to be. Why do you think Ariza went to Houston? it showed when the beat the Cav’s. He went 11-19 from the floor, he wouldn’t have had that impact wearing a Cav’s jersey.

    his shot selection is terrible, his claim of being a football player in sneakers? I’ve personally yet to see it. Anyone can jack up 3’s, man up and post up! unless he’s saving that for 2010. There is never a reason for him to take as many 3’s in a game as he does. He doesn’t rebound on the offensive end, because he is never in position to follow up his own shot, or the shot’s of others. he dominates the ball, which kills the offensive flow and hinders the others on the floor. Having him initiate the offense is a luxury, not a necessity.

    The key to this teams success last season was that players roles were clearly defined and accepted. Accept your role as being the best player, not the player that every night has to be best. Sha1 should get between 12-15 shot every night, without hesitation. I don’t care if an opposing team wants to run and gun, you take away their legs by pounding them with all that Shaqness! you force your will. Stop with all the whining to the refs everytime you miss a shot or a foul is called on you. Stop the dancing and acting a fool, save that for the Globetrotters. I caught the dance against Chicago, but didn’t “witness” it vs Memphis or Houston.

    Act like you’ve been there before, dance when you’re holding up that Championship trophy! You tell me how productive Shaq could be, if he got 12-15 shots a game? What impact would he have on both sides of the ball? The bottom line is, this team will only go as far as James allows it, not carries it. The Shaq experiment will work and be successful only if James allows it. Share the Glory!

    Great spot J Rose, I’ll have to hit it often, peace…

  3. Sharonda Scott says:

    Im with you on that Jay….

  4. Chris says:

    I honestly hope that Shaq isnt finished either because he is really fun to watch,but im in somewhat of a battle with my mother who thinks shaq is to old to still be playing basketball,but I really hope he isnt finished. Then again she is from the “Jordan” era and thinks quit while you are at the top of the game. She thinks he is beyond his best.

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