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My Week 10 NFL Picks

November 13, 2009

7 Responses to “My Week 10 NFL Picks”

  1. TKSmoove says:

    Vikings (Please dont sing…just playing homie)

    Eagles – Def is suspect – I got Chargers
    Raiders – yeah they got a decent 2ndary, but KC ill outscore them, bc Oak’s offense is wack!

  2. Ummm…Whaz up Michigan Wolverine?? I got love for ya…I’m an Alum…and I waz with you all the way till you Picked tha Pats Over My Colts…Now I gotta play you like Omarr epps(Q) on Juice when he saw Rodimez Hasslin Bishop and he turned and went the opposite direction…Goooooo Colts…1!

  3. KColeman says:

    J, I was rolling with ya until you said the Pats over the Colts! The Colts are on a roll and I think it’ll continue this week. Should be an exciting game! I’m thinking Cincinati might take the Steelers too! We shall see! You’re right…The Boyz Are Back In Town!

  4. Resurrect says:

    Mr. Rose, I respect your expertise and yes the Packers offensive line has been sleep, but I just don’t think Green Bay will lose this weekend. After that loss last week I don’t think their pride will allow it. Wish we could bet on the game…

  5. Resurrect says:

    On another note, while I am here, just want to say your play list is ON POINT! Ribbon in the sky is my all time favorite! Plus you got The Roots, Phil Collins, Common & Sade?? I could mos def ride to this music!

  6. Sharonda Scott says:

    Love your picks…..but I will be a Baltimore Ravens fan for life….!

  7. Brent Likens says:

    Never bet againt the Colts!!!!! Atleast until Peyton retires. Also new name for Pats coach—-BeliCHOKE!!!!

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