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The BCS Needs a Playoff System!

January 11, 2010

2 Responses to “The BCS Needs a Playoff System!”

  1. Will C. says:

    It wont let me play the video but I definitely agree with Boise getting a shot at the title. Although with the current BCS format Boise St. has not helped themselves by playing only one out of conference game against a top 25 opponent (Oregon). If Boise would add one or two top 25 matchups their case could very well be made. But when you cupcake your way through the season I can’t vouche for you because I don’t know what product I’m getting. They almost lost to Tulsa who finished 5-7, but even Tulsa played 3 Top 25 schools this year (Boise St, Oklahoma and Houston). Boise St, if you add 2 more top 25 teams to your 2010 schedule and dominate them like you did your current schedule I’ll hold them down. Because then you Boise has almost an automatic bid into the playoffs every year, I’m just saying…

  2. Kyle S. says:

    I want you to go to Skip and bring this debate with you, including the song. Please. I would love to see the look on Skip’s face.

    I agree with you completely though, I think a playoff would be an excellent idea and that the smaller conferences do have a rough go of it when trying to compete.

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