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Who is More Overrated: Danica Patrick, Anna Kournikova or Kim Kardashian?

February 22, 2010

13 Responses to “Who is More Overrated: Danica Patrick, Anna Kournikova or Kim Kardashian?”

  1. Niecey says:

    Kim….at least the other two DO something

  2. Amanda says:

    OBVIOUSLY Kim K is more overrated! She doesn’t even have a real claim to fame! Since when is having a huge ass considered to be a talent?

  3. Jose says:

    Danica Patrick & Anna Kournikova have world class skills. Overrated? Perhaps, but no one disputes they are top 100, probably higher, in the world at something. Kardashian is good looking and famous for being famous. Don’t really see this as a hard call…

  4. John says:

    Danica Patrick, easily.

  5. Mike says:

    Anna K. is the overrated one. I see Kim and Danica on TV and I stop changing the channel immediately. Both are just super hot. Anna, is good looking, but the media (most notably the laughable SI cover and article that’s all about her beauty a few years back) blew her way out of proportion. Don’t get me wrong. I’d hit it, but she’s just a little overrated.

  6. Eddie C says:

    Absolutely Kim Kardashian. She got the booty, but nothing in her head.

  7. JDavo says:

    Definitely double K. No disrespect to Reg but that chick is famous for NOTHING! Not really nothing but for gettin smashed on camera by another dude in the industry. Nick Cannon dropped that right after the tape! Danica and Anna both had to excel somewhat at their sport to be recognized. Their appearance helped alot but they had talent. K is famous for spreadin’ ’em.

  8. Manifest says:

    KIM is the most overrated. Cmon now at least Danika races and Anna plays tennis. Kim plays herself on a reality TV show that common folk don’t watch unless of course they want to see if she turns around.

  9. dreesey says:

    It’s relative, if you’re talking overrated in their specific talent (idk what kim kardash’s talent is) then Anna K. because she’s not very good at tennis. But as far as being famous, at least Anna K and Danica have talent, no offense kk

  10. El Navajo says:

    Kim Kardashian, all ass and no class. ha ha

  11. Damon says:

    It’s Kim, lots of attention for basically being a Paris Hilton clone.

    Anna was at least a top 10 tennis player at one point and Danica gets a lot of attention too, but she’s done the following over the last 5 years: 2005 IRL Rookie of the Year, 2005 Indy 500 rookie of the year, first woman to lead a lap in the Indy 500, first woman to win an Indycar race (2008), has 4 top 10 finishes (including 2 top 5’s) in her first 5 Indy 500 starts, finished 5th in 2009 IRL points standings – ahead of all her 3 teammates and only behind the four guys who won 15 of the 17 races last year. So she at least has talent.

    Plus Danica’s a woman competiting a male dominated sport, so she has that uniqueness that draws people into watching a sport they normally wouldn’t watch, like the 60% rating/87% viewership increase for her stock car debut in the ARCA race and the 33% ratings increase for the Daytona Nationwide on ESPN2 that drew a cable record 4.27 million viewers.

  12. Mkay says:

    Anna K and Danica P did have to excel at one point to be recognized. But Kim is not overrated because she managed to manipulate the masses enough to buy whatever it is she is selling. Unfortunately she gained popularity from being exploited on tape by her once trusted boyfriend. But she took the hush $ so she couldn’t have been that embarassed. Cus I would have payed whatever to keep that under raps and keep my dignity. So I am going to go with…All of ’em! The face that all 3 of them are mostly respected for their sexuality is unfortunate, because we are seriously ignoring the character they have as people on this platform they have been awarded. So… NEXT! Let’s talk about Venus,Serena, or some of these chicks in the winter olympics.

  13. The Rake says:

    If talking looks, then its Danica by far most overrated. If you are talking talent, umm, its a no-brainer and you know this Jay…it’s Kim Kard. And yes, you are doing it for a reason, just be real, and tell us. Danica is a moron on the track, but at least is a pretty good racer. Anna never won a thing in tennis, and has been out of the limelight for a while, and Kim, well she got cufked by Ray J, sounds like a star to no one. Reggie sloppy seconds. Out.

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