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Who is the Real “Superman?”

February 25, 2010

12 Responses to “Who is the Real “Superman?””

  1. Damian Gray says:

    Yo, What’s up Jalen…I enjoy watching you on 1st & 10…you make a lot of sense…keep up the good work.

    -Damian Gray

  2. J Twice says:

    Shaq tore down Rims, Like a super hero! 4 rings. most dominating ctr ever! no comparison

  3. ken thornhill says:

    * Superman vs. Superman
    Shaq’s best stat season was at 28 years old; 29.7 ppg and 13.6 rebs.
    Dwight’s best stat year was 2 years ago @ 23 years old; 20.7 ppg and 14.2 rebs.
    This Year:
    Shaq 12.0 ppg and 6.8 rbs.@ 37 years old, he will be 38 next month.
    Dwight is at 18.5 ppg and 13.5 rbs.@ 25 this season.
    Projected decline of Dwight’s numbers when he is 37 years old if similar to Shaq Diesel’s past decline: 7.8 ppg and 8.0 boards.
    Both have averaged about 2.5 blks per game throughout their careers.
    Shaq has rings.

  4. Nitch says:

    Shaq is the superman…check out his stats and titles…but no doubt that dwight could be the next superman…all he needs is a ring…and that is not easy to get…just ask sir charles or mr malone

  5. kesha says:

    Shaq! He tore down the rim!

  6. Sebastian says:

    I laugh when i hear about Dwight and Shaq talking about being the real superman.He is the real superman! Have everyone forgotten about Kurt Rambis? He is the REAL superman.

  7. Mark Louie says:

    Dwight Howard has the rebounds and blocks over shaq, I would even say offensive game now that Shaq is older. However, Shaq could score with ease. Dwight Howard has held the edge with athleticism. Shaq was always natural big, Dwight put on the muscle so his conditioning is also superior.

  8. Mark Louie says:

    Dwight tore down the shot clock with newer stronger rims!

  9. Jeremy says:

    I agree, Shaq all day! Shaq shouldn’t be disrespected like this by commentators who give away nicknames like its candy. Dwight has to earn his…one day, but not today.

  10. Conrad says:

    Neither is! Like I tweeted you before…it’s Kurt Rambis! You can’t tell me Shaq or Dwight looks like Clark Kent…c’mon now!

  11. Edozie says:

    Jalen Rose, you’re the best and coolest analyst for ESPN, and that you’re right in that video.

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