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CNBC – Top of the Game: ‘Fab Five’ basketball star Jalen Rose’s secret to success: ‘Successful people master the morning’

October 13, 2021 | General Latest News Press

By Jade ScipioniDuring his 13-year NBA career, Jalen Rose started each game with the same little whisper to himself: “I’m about to make a name for myself tonight.”
Despite his massive success in college as part of the University of Michigan’s early 1990s “Fab Five” — the first team in Final Four history to ever start five freshmen, often dubbed one of the NCAA’s most iconic teams — Rose tells CNBC Make It that he had to prove himself every night in the NBA.
In the pros, he says, he had to regularly compete against Hall of Fame opponents like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. “I never went into a game and somebody said, ‘Hey, Jalen, you’re just as good as Michael Jordan,’” Rose says. “Those words have never been said.”
To prepare himself, Rose says, he adopted a routine that he still implements today: He owns the morning. For him, accomplishing something between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. can foster success, specifically because most other people don’t take advantage of that window.
“Sometimes, I feel like I have 25 hours in the day, and everybody

Yahoo Sports: The Fab Five changed basketball. Now they’ve moved on to bigger things

May 12, 2021 | General Latest News Philanthropy Press

DETROIT — The Jalen Rose Leadership Academy serves some 400 students and 600 alumni from a brick, two-story, former middle school on this city’s Northwest side. On Thursday afternoon, its namesake walked in.
The former local basketball star, Fab Five sensation and 13-year NBA veteran is a current ESPN broadcaster. First and foremost though, he is always quick to note, he is a Detroiter.
The charter high school Rose founded in 2012 is a bright light in a city that needs it. He’s a regular here, but his arrival on this day was about a different kind of education — convincing skeptical locals that they should get vaccinated against COVID-19.
Detroit, a city that is 78 percent African American, continues to lag behind much of the state of Michigan in vaccination rates.
“There is a level of fear that Black people have in America sometimes,” Rose said. “An apprehension in trusting medicine or government or law enforcement or things of that nature. You need to remind them how important it is to be vaccinated.”
Rose was speaking to a small gathering of local television cameras, but his work here wasn’t just for publicity’s sake. He spent much of his morning working on a …

Q&A: Jalen Rose Sounds Off On NBA, Podcasts And Player Activism

December 21, 2020 | General Latest News Press

ESPN’s Jalen Rose is the definition of a multimedia player. 
The former NBA star is the longest-serving cast member of ABC/ESPN’s national “NBA Countdown” pregame show. 
He co-stars on the national “Get Up” morning show with Mike Greenberg. After a rocky start including the departure of original co-star Michelle Beadle, “Get Up” has turned into one of ESPN’s biggest hits and a factory line for up and coming talent.
The 13-year ESPN veteran expanded “Jalen & Jacoby” with David Jacoby from a passion project into a podcast, radio program and now an afternoon TV show.  
He recently partnered with the New York Post to launch the “Renaissance Man” podcast and write columns.
The former University of Michigan standout also produced ESPN Films’ “The Fab Five,” one of the most popular documentaries in the “30 for 30” franchise, via his Three Tier Entertainment production company.
And at a time when ESPNers like Dan Le Batard and Jemele Hill have afoul of management, the 47-year old Rose continues to be one of the network’s most outspoken voices on social justice.  
On Christmas Day, he and his “NBA Countdown” castmates Maria Taylor, Jay Williams, and Adrian Wojnarowski will …