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XXL: ESPN’s ‘NBA Countdown’ Co-Host Jalen Rose Calls Dr. Dre the Most Influential Artist in Hip-Hop History

June 9, 2017 | General Latest News Press

June 9, 2017 — By Lindsey India
(Scott Clarke, ESPN Images

NBA Countdown - October 26, 2016The NBA Finals is one of the most thrilling times of the year for avid basketball fans, but it’s even more crucial for those working behind-the-scenes and in front of the cameras. While most fans will be glued to their television screens tonight (June 9), watching the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors battle it out on the court for Game 4 of the series, NBA analyst Jalen Rose will be providing the commentary before the nail-biting game.This NBA season, which has seen a lot of hip-hop influence, the former basketball star has continued to deliver stellar content for hoop loyalists on NBA Countdown with his co-hosts Chauncey Billups and Michelle Beadle.

The pregame show airs on both ESPN and ABC, giving Rose, 44, not only a double platform for his analyst skills, but also a chance to shine with his ear for music. The NBA veteran plays a crucial role with the show’s team in choosing the music for NBA Countdown, and being an avid fan of rap and R&B, he’s able to boost hip-hop …

JIMMY KIMMEL: NBA Stars Play College Knowledge

June 5, 2017 | General Latest News Press


June 1, 2017 | General Latest News Press


By Omari White
June 1, 2017 —

The NBA Countdown analyst is regarded as one of sports broadcasting’s most charismatic figures on television today. But the journey to greatness wasn’t just a simple “stutter step cross over” for the former 13-year NBA veteran.

You may see his bright smile on ESPN and on ABC as he brings a refreshing swagger to the way he preps fans for the NBA’s most intriguing match-ups. You may remember him having a successful hoops career as he was a part of what some may consider as the most important college basketball team in NCAA history. But Jalen Rose is no stranger to the journey of hard work, dedication and innovating the sport of basketball on, and off, the court. Other than being a part of the historical “Fab Five” lineup at the University of Michigan, which transcends the way we watch basketball today, Jalen was one of the rare breed of tall combo guards in the early 1990’s-2000’s. Being a huge asset as a playmaker and clutch scorer during crunch time, he was able to garner the NBA’s Most Improved Award in which he averaged roughly 18.2 PPG for an …