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UPROXX: ‘Jalen And Jacoby’ Will Try Anything To Give The People What They Want

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JANUARY 16, 2020

NEW YORK — “If your superiors every one or two months aren’t questioning some of your content, then you’re not pushing the envelope,” Jalen Rose says with a wry smile.

“You’re not doing it,” David Jacoby confirms. “We get emails.”

In their nook of a studio at ESPN’s new Seaport facility, no larger than a medium-sized walk-in closet, the two hosts of Jalen & Jacoby reflect on some of their failed bits and segments of the past.

“This is eight years in development and we’ve tried a lot of things that didn’t stay, and most of the things that didn’t stick didn’t stick for a reason,” Jacoby says. “One thing that comes to mind is, we had a character called ‘Durag Jalen.’”

“And this was before I was trying to get waves,” Rose quips.

“Durag Jalen was wearing an undershirt and he had a durag on…” Jacoby continues.

“That most people call that type of shirt,” Jalen interrupts while pointing to the card that says “wifebeater” hanging from a clothespin on a string among their retired words in the rafters of the studio.

“Yeah, we retired that word,” Jacoby explains. “But Durag Jalen we had one …

Who wore it better?

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