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Men’s Health: Jalen Rose Remembers Playing Against Kobe Bryant During His 81-Point Game

October 30, 2020 | General Latest News Press

“He told us to get down or lay down,” the NBA star-turned-ESPN star said.BY OCT 29, 2020 — Jalen Rose is used to criticism; he played 13 seasons in the NBA, after all. Now a different kind of veteran—an ESPN talking head—Rose has fancied himself a second career, and one that his huge personality and irresistible smile make him a natural fit for. He’s also a natural fit for the latest edition of Vs. The Internet, a series where Men’s Health finds some of your favorite and most notable celebrities, and asks them to face the depths of humanity: internet comment sections.
Rose is a busy man—he’s currently in a variety of roles for ESPN, including co-hosting both the morning show Get Up! and the afternoon talk show Jalen & Jacoby and serving as one of the primary voices on ESPN’s flagship NBA pre- and post- game show, NBA Countdown. In addition to his numerous on-air roles, Rose is taking on even more, having just launched a new column and …

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