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SI.com: The Story Behind the Rise of Jalen Rose and David Jacoby at ESPN

December 31, 2018 | General Latest News Press


December 28, 2018 (NEW YORK) —As David Jacoby recounts their first taping together, Jalen Rose laughs. He’s certainly heard this story before. Who knows what exactly he finds humorous? Yet each Hahaha! sounds genuine.

“I’ll never forget that very first moment,” Jacoby says. “I remember looking across at this dude being like, ‘What is happening right now?’”

At a lunch spot near ESPN’s new Manhattan studios, a re-run of Rose on Get Up! airs in the background as the man himself chuckles at Jacoby’s one-time discomfort. Jacoby opened The Jalen Rose Report back in 2011 by explaining what the new Grantland Network podcast would cover before introducing his co-host.

Then, out of nowhere, Rose began to scream-sing: Got to give the peopleeee, give the peopleee what they waaannttt. “I was honestly shocked,” Jacoby says, Rose now nearly cackling beside him. “You’ve got to remember this was like the first sentence on the first date. I was like, ‘this is weird.’ I didn’t know he was going to start singing!”

Except the outburst—regularly repeated for seven years as the show morphed from weekly podcast to daily radio …

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