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GQ.com: A Candid Chat with Jalen Rose About the Fab Five, Trash-Talking MJ, and Reconciling with Chris Webber

October 22, 2015 | General Latest News

The NBA player opens up about Michigan glory days and strained brotherhood
By October 22, 2015
“It was the bling-bling era. We were two chains, two bracelets, one watch,” Jalen Rose tells me. “Our clothes were oversized. We did everything big. Bigger.” 
He’s talking about the ’90s, but really, he could be talking about any time in the life of Jalen Rose. Because it’s that big personality—outsized even for his long, 6’8″ frame—that’s always imbued Jalen with a certain magnetic swagger, an irrefutable cool. He had it when he joined Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson at Michigan, five freshmen who Voltroned to become the “Fab Five”, the coolest team to ever step on hardwood. (And one of the most scandalized off of it—Michigan does not recognize them and erased all their wins; Chris Webber has distanced himself from the other four.) It’s what carried him through a 16-year, six-team NBA career, where he faced off against MJ’s Three-Peat Bulls and Shaq and Kobe’s Three-Peat Lakers. (“That was the best basketball I been a part of.”) And it’s what makes him one of the most loved analysts on ESPN, where he’s …

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