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jalen-rose-new-book-espn-fab-five-indiana-pacersOctober 9, 2015By Rohan NadkarniJalen Rose, the former NBA all-star and ESPN commentator, released his book“Got to Give the People What They Want” on Tuesday.The autobiography chronicles Rose’s life from a student in Detroit, to his time with the “Fab Five” in Michigan, through his NBA career up to his current position at ESPN, where he stars on NBA Countdown and co-hosts a new radio show with David Jacoby.The book features many wild stories from Rose’s life—near-death experiences, his relationship with Chris Webber, trying to meet his biological father—all told in the distinctive voice fans of Rose will immediately recognize from his podcast. On Wednesday, Rose was kind enough to sit down with SI.com and answer questions about his many walks of life.• DEITSCH: Rose on NBA Countdown | VAULT: Rose becomes a Pacers starSI.com: In your book, you discuss how growing up in Detroit and events like your father’s funeral impacted your life. How did the birth of your daughters and becoming a dad impact you?Jalen Rose: There are different phases of your life, it’s the phase when you’re 16 and you get your license and you get a …