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SI.com – Jalen Rose Q&A: Fab Five, Larry Bird, his new book and $50K at the club

October 9, 2015 | General Latest News Press

jalen-rose-new-book-espn-fab-five-indiana-pacersOctober 9, 2015By Rohan NadkarniJalen Rose, the former NBA all-star and ESPN commentator, released his book“Got to Give the People What They Want” on Tuesday.The autobiography chronicles Rose’s life from a student in Detroit, to his time with the “Fab Five” in Michigan, through his NBA career up to his current position at ESPN, where he stars on NBA Countdown and co-hosts a new radio show with David Jacoby.The book features many wild stories from Rose’s life—near-death experiences, his relationship with Chris Webber, trying to meet his biological father—all told in the distinctive voice fans of Rose will immediately recognize from his podcast. On Wednesday, Rose was kind enough to sit down with SI.com and answer questions about his many walks of life.• DEITSCH: Rose on NBA Countdown | VAULT: Rose becomes a Pacers starSI.com: In your book, you discuss how growing up in Detroit and events like your father’s funeral impacted your life. How did the birth of your daughters and becoming a dad impact you?Jalen Rose: There are different phases of your life, it’s the phase when you’re 16 and you get your license and you get a …

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Q&A: Jalen Rose willing to do ‘anything’ for Michigan

October 7, 2015 | General Latest News Press

9780804138901 (1)Mark Snyder, Detroit Free PressOctober 3, 2015Former Fab Five star and current ESPN commentator Jalen Rose sat down with Mark Snyder of the Free Press this past week to talk about his new book and a variety of other hot topics. Rose’s “Got to Give the People What They Want: True Stories and Flagrant Opinions from Center Court” ($28, 268 pages, Crown Archetype) will be released Tuesday.On how long he worked on the book and why he wrote it now: “Probably a year. I’m literally at a different chapter. My jock phase, my NBA all-of-that phase, has ended, and I’m starting a new phase in multimedia and entertainment. I think it was more timing than anything else.”On changing anything with the Fab Five: “The only thing I regret is not winning the national championship. That’s it. Whether it’s us getting beat by 20 to Duke (71-51 in the 1992 NCAA title game) or losing late and in memorable fashion to North Carolina (after Chris Webber’s time-out the next year), that’s the only regret I have. … As I get older, I understand your experiences become a precursor to building …

ESPN FRONT ROW: Grantland’s Jalen & Jacoby debut national primetime radio show tonight

September 29, 2015 | General Latest News Press

jjESPN Audio will debut NBA analyst Jalen Rose and Grantland’s David Jacoby in their new primetime national radio show, Jalen & Jacoby five nights a week beginning tonight (7-9 p.m. ET).Originally a podcast on Grantland.com, Jalen & Jacoby has evolved since it was first developed as a passion project of both Rose and Jacoby back in 2011. A large factor in the success of their podcast-turned-radio-show is their on-air chemistry. Beyond just colleagues, Rose and Jacoby are friends outside the office and often invite each other on vacation.According to Rose, their professional relationship only has gotten stronger over the years, which he attributes to “never taking anything personal and making time to develop concepts and ideas.”Surprisingly, the initial idea for a podcast with Rose did not involve Jacoby being in it. “I produce all the podcasts at Grantland, so when I first spoke with Jalen about his potential podcast I detailed to him how important it was that he have good chemistry with his partner,” said Jacoby, a Grantland writer, podcaster and senior producer. “I asked him if there was someone he had in mind, someone he played with or someone he grew up with, he responded, ‘What? You don’t want to do …