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MAXIM: Jalen Rose Talks About Why Positions Are Overrated

April 24, 2015 | General Latest News Press

np042315_jalenrose_articleWe spoke with the NBA star and ESPN commentator about the playoffs and why positions are meaningless.April 23, 2015 — By Max Rivlin-NadlerJalen Rose has been an NBA commentator almost as long as he was a player in the league. Because of that experience, Rose has been able to provide both a player’s perspective on the game, as well as that of a member of the ever-chattering basketball media. Rose, who appears on NBA countdown during the weekends and every night during the later rounds of the playoffs, has his own podcast, is a frequent contributor toGrantland, and has a new book coming out this fall. Rose spoke to Maxim about the importance of an NBA bench, how positions are a thing of the past, and some of his most personal moments.  After the first couple of games, what has been the biggest surprise for you?I think the biggest surprise is that in eight series so far, five of the teams are currently leading 2-0. In particular, a Washington Wizards team was able to go Toronto and win both their games on the road. So that probably would be the thing that …

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