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ESQUIRE.com: Jalen Rose Sounds Off on Resting NBA Stars: ‘Don’t Like It, Won’t Like It, Will Never Like It’

May 3, 2017 | General Latest News Press

Plus, the ESPN commentator breaks down how NBA partying has changed through the years.

While he admits he was never an “all-time great,” Rose is also one of the most well-liked professional athletes in recent memory. The evidence is in the names: Nobody in the public eye was named Jalen before Rose appeared on the scene as part of the University of Michigan’s Fab Five, but an army of Jalens played in this year’s NCAA tournament. We caught up with Rose for his take on his popularity, what lies ahead in the NBA playoffs, and NBA party culture….

WSJ.com: It’s Not Your Imagination: There are Loads of Jalens in College Basketball

March 22, 2017 | General Latest News Press

March 22, 2017 – The name Jalen and its variants are on a hot streak now that players born during the 1990s heyday of ‘Fab Five’ star Jalen Rose are grown up…

On the road to March Madness this season, Kent State University basketball teammates Jalen Avery and Jaylin Walker faced Jalen Jenkins of George Mason University, Wofford College’s Jaylen Allen and, twice, Jaylen Key of Northern Illinois University.

“I always had another Jalen on my team,” said Mr. Walker, a 19-year-old freshman, “ever since, like, elementary school.”

The name Jalen is on the rise in college sports, particularly basketball. That is because thousands of babies born during the 1990s heyday of Jalen Rose, the “Fab Five” University of Michigan star and midtier NBA player, are reaching adulthood.

This year there are 65 Jalens, Jaylens, Jaylans and other versions of the name on Division I basketball teams, up from 58 last year. Six years ago, there were just four.

State Champs! Legends: Jalen Rose

February 17, 2017 | General Latest News Press